What To Consider When Renovating Bathrooms

Before starting work on the renovation, refurbishment, or modernization of a bathroom, you should think carefully about the construction work to be carried out. The decisive factor regarding the extent of the work is the purpose for which a bathroom renovation or refurbishment is to occur. Are the benefits more functional, like fighting mold or getting rid of damage to broken tiles or damaged sinks? Or is the visual aspect in the foreground, and should a modernization occur so that the bathroom gets a new design? Is an age-appropriate renovation to be considered, and what about accessibility in this context?

The planning should also determine which furnishing elements should be in the newly designed bathroom. For example, is a spacious shower more suitable than a bathtub rarely used in the winter months anyway? About the barrier-free design of the bathroom, a walk-in shower could possibly be planned directly.

Another important aspect is the visual design of the future bathroom. If renovation is to occur in a few years anyway, current trends could be incorporated into the planning. However, if the bathroom is to be used for as long as possible, a more timeless design is the best choice. Carefully and well-planned refurbishment and renovation work usually enables the comfort to be optimized while at the same time improving the visual appearance.

In 2017, bathroom renovation expenses for 25 to 34-year-olds were around 7,600 $. 35- to 54-year-olds spent an average of around 11,200 $, while those over 55 invested an average of 15,300 $in their bathrooms. In addition, 85% of all people between 2011 and 2016 were willing to spend money purchasing furniture and other furnishings for their bathrooms. For over 20% of homeowners, these expenses were between 2,000 $and 15,000 $.

In a survey from 2017, 42% of all respondents stated that they intend to renew fittings, bathroom furniture, and mirrors (cabinets). 34% want to replace lighting, 32% want to change washbasins and for 28%, installing a floor-level shower is an option. At least 20% of the respondents are concerned with an age-appropriate renovation of their bathroom, while 7% consider installing a shower toilet.

Financing Options For The Installation And Maintenance Of A Bathroom

Today, more and more people take credit for bathroom modernization measures for granted. Funds available immediately after the loan approval make it possible to turn the dream of a modern bathroom into reality at short notice. Especially in today’s low-interest-rate phase, it is easy for many homeowners to repay loans with low-interest rates and moderate repayment rates without any problems.